Ignition Coils

The ignition coil supplies the high voltage spark, and is therefore one of the most critical components in the ignition system performance chain. Available in several electrical and physical configurations, Altronic ignition coils are designed and produced in a new, state-of-theart manufacturing facility in Ohio—the most advanced in the world dedicated to production for use exclusively on stationary industrial engine applications.

To insure optimum performance, reliability, and service life, the ignition coil must be designed and matched for use with the selected ignition system.

Unshielded Round Case Coils

The standard for unshielded coils, the well-known Altronic blue, red and black variations are used in applications not requiring hazardous area certifications.

Unshielded Square Case Coils

An alternative to the round case design, these coils have extended spark duration.


Verified 2016 March