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Altronic CPU-95 Ignition System

The Altronic CPU-95 is a DC-powered, capacitive discharge digital ignition system applicable to all medium-sized industrial gas engines to 20 cylinders. The Display Module, typically mounted in the engine control panel, gives the user convenient access to critical operating information such as ignition system mode, engine speed, system diagnostics and setup functions. State-of-the-art combustion enhancement tools, including multistrike (two full-energy spark events), and automatic spark energy adjustment (incrementally raising required spark energy) help to minimize misfire and thus improve fuel economy and reduce exhaust emissions. These patented diagnostics offer users a means of continually monitoring spark plug wear and combustion stability without the addition of special ignition coils or high voltage probes. The part number for this traditional CPU-95 ingition system is Guascor 7664312 (76.64.312) - Altronic part number 791-950-16.

Special CPU-95 models:

CPU-95 C - Developed for use on SI Controller-equipped Caterpillar 3500-series engines, the CPU-95C system replaces both the existing Altronic III unit and AIB box. Its installation allows for full access to the critical operational and diagnostic information and enhanced spark characteristic control resident in standard CPU-95 systems.

CPU-95 VariSpark™ — The CPU-95 VariSpark™ system is an innovative CPU-95 variant which utilizes capacitive-discharge ignition technology to deliver a long-duration spark typical of an inductive ignition system. This model is of particular interest to operators of large bore, low-BMEP engines that exhibit ignitability or combustion stability problems.

CPU-95 - 76.64.317 - Custom ignition system with 4 - 20 mA for Guascor (Dresser Rand) engines. This model also availabe from our company.

CPU-95 - 76.64.373 - Custom ignition system with Modbus / 4 - 20 mA for Guascor (Dresser Rand) engines. This model also availabe from our company.

CPU-95 - 76.64.132 - Custom ignition system for Guascor SFGM gas engines

Altronic CPU-95 Ignition System

Altronic CPU-95 Ignition System











Altronic CPU-95 Display Versions:

Part number Part number Description
791902-1 791 902 -1 CPU-95 Display Module
791902-1S 791 902 -1S CPU-95 Display Module Special
791902-2 791 902 -2 CPU-95 Display Module
791902-3 791 902 -3 CPU-95 Display Module
791902-4 791 902 -4 CPU-95 Display Module
791908-1 791 908 -1 Dual Port Display Module
791909-1 791 909 -1 CPU-95 Enhanced Display


Packaging size: 32 x 32 x 24 cm

Delivery weight: net 5,80 kg / gross 6,00 kg


CPU-95 display module packaging size: 20 x 18 x11

Delivery weight: 760 g

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